Claire and Destiny

Our Match of the Month for March is Claire (Big) and Destiny (Little). These two have been matched for about a year and a half and Destiny is ten years old!

To promote growth and community within our organization, BBBS puts on monthly group events that bring together Bigs and Littles for a fun activity that promotes youth development. Claire and Destiny are very active in this way! They have attended Fall Fest, where Destiny carved her first pumpkin, Rec Night, and Bowl for Kids’ Sake which they will be participating in again this year.

On a one-on-one level, these two have a blast hanging out outside, playing with Claire’s dog, going to movies, or working on school projects. Recently they were given the opportunity to go to a U-M women’s basketball game through donated tickets! This was Destiny’s first collegiate sporting event and she had a blast! To top it all off, there was an ice cream social after the game.

It’s evident that these two are very active, but this isn’t the only quality that makes them an amazing match! They work well as a team, teaching each other along the way! Destiny has learned more about the United States, how to play basketball, and how to play Jenga. On the other side, Claire has learned to be more gracious and to be a better communicator.
We couldn’t be more excited to see these two grow both together as their match continues! Congratulations to Claire and Destiny, our Match of the Month for March!

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