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Bowl for Kids' Sake 2017

Magic Makers

Dream Makers

Wish Makers

Match Makers

Buddy Makers

Rise and Shine for Kids' Sake 2016

A BIG thank you to our presenting sponsor, Comerica Bank, for fueling the growth of this event for the last three years. We are so grateful for their commitment to community involvement!

A Fall Evening with BBBS 2016

Magic Maker

Dream Makers

Tim and Shann Patton
Ambassador Ronald and Eileen Weiser

Wish Maker

Match Makers

Buddy Makers

Andrew Muth and Patricia Saad
David and Jan Brandon
Patti Harris

Investing in Children Circle Members

Monetary pledge/gift of $1,000 or more annually for 5 consecutive years
Patti Aaron 
Dave Armstrong 
Scott Bennett 
Michael Baker and Jennifer Spitler 
Jim and Debbie Beuche 
Scott Burk 
Erik and Katherine Bakich 
AvFuel Corporation 
Doug and Bev Cass
David and Leslie Christensen 
Rock and Jan Collins 
Howard and Anne Cooper 
Jeff Crause 
Nancy Culotta and Kathy Reilly 
Sally Clark
Bill and Judith Davis 
Matt and Kris Dejanovich 
Steve and Judy Dobson 
John and Merrill Dudley 
Marc and Juliana Feeney 
Michael and Ann Feeney 
Dan and Jo Fone 
Jake and Anne Haas
Rick Hazey and Sue Castleman 
Carol Hutchins
David and Susan Kornfield
Community Foundation of SE Michigan 
Steve Glauberman and Margaret Schankler 
Hooper, Hathaway, Price, Beuche and Wallace
J. Ferrantino Charitable Foundation 
J.F Ervin Foundation
Jones Family Foundation ​ 

Tom and Cookie Kotz 
Jim and Laurel Lannen 
Todd Markel 
Joe Marr 
Mike and Stacey Marsh 
Jeff Mason 
Ryan McAfee
Ben and Betsy McCallister 
Jay Mullick 
Mullick Foundation 
Joey and Vasvi Mullick 
Rick Mullick 
Ron Murrell 
Kris Olsson 
David and Lauren Parzen 
Tim and Sally Petersen 
Bill Phillips and Marianne Udow-Phillips
Bitsy Ritt 
Andy Muth and Patricia Saad
Amit Sachdeva 
Ellie Serras
Rich and Carol Sheridan
Governor Rick and First Lady Sue Snyder
Dr. Paul Sonda 
Steve and Jackie Tracy 
Gytis Udrys 
Tim and Laurie Wadhams 
Tyler and Stephanie Weston 
Adam and Dr.Julia Williams 
​Doug and Tammy Zimmer 
Jack Sprague and Colleen Zimmerman  

Lifetime Giving Circle

Donations placed in this tier are cumulative and are counted from the starting point of BBBS -WC becoming independent in Summer 2007.
Diamond ($100,000+)
J. Ferrantino Charitable Foundation
         Jim and Debbie Beuche
Steve Glauberman and Margaret Schankler

​Platinum ($80,000-$99,999)
      Andy Muth and Patricia Saad 

Gold ($60,000-79,999)
Howard and Anne Cooper 
J.F. Ervin Foundation 

Sliver ($40,000-59,999) 
David and Leslie Christensen 
Keith and Lori Hayward 
Jones Family Foundation 
Nagy Family Foundation 

Bronze ($20,000-39,999) 
AvFuel Corporation 
Comcast Foundation 
Buhr Family Foundation 
Comerica Bank 
Denison Consulting 
Josh Pokempner and Gretchen Gardner 
Hylant Insurance 
Edward F. Redies Foundation
TCF Foundation 

Grant Partners

Thank you to all of our supporters! Through their contributions, we ensure that more matches are made and supported!

Partners. Heroes.

Successful partnerships with businesses, foundations, organizations, and individuals are fundamental to helping support our most valuable asset - our children.  By providing for children in need, they are contributing to brighter futures, better schools, and stronger communities for all.

Partners and sponsors can support us through:
  • philanthropic gifts that drive growth
  • employee-centric volunteer and/or donor partnerships
  • high-impact cause-related marketing relationships

​Start a partnership with us. Supporting Big Brothers Big Sisters of Washtenaw County has never been easier. If you want to discuss becoming a:
  • Volunteer partner, contact Jennifer Spitler, Executive Director, at 734-975-0933 x 203
  • Foundation or corporate philanthropy donor, contact Jennifer Spitler, Executive Director, at 734-975-0933 x 203
  • Community or government partner, contact Jennifer Spitler, Executive Director, at 734-975-0933 x 203