Our Programs Lead to BIG Impact


So, you've heard about our program, you recognize our name, but you're still not sure what you'll be expected to do... Well, being a Big means being yourself and sharing the best part of yourself with a new friend, a child. Each of us has had a special person who opened doors and widened our horizons and as a Big you can do the same for a child.

See the world through a child's eyes.

In this program you will be matched with a child between 7 and 15-years-old. You and your Little will spend a couple hours together every other week, depending on your schedules, developing a relationship and really getting to know one another. What you spend time doing is up to you and your Little. The opportunities are unlimited. You can shoot hoops, go swimming, make jewelry, bake cookies, visit a college campus, go to the movies, ride a bike, attend a concert or play, or just hang out at a local pizza shop. Just have fun! BBBS will support your relationship by checking in with you to see how things are going. We'll also offer discounts at popular places in the area, host events just for matches, and occasionally offer free tickets to sporting events, generously donated by community members. Being a Big is a rewarding experience.

Make an impact.

National and local studies show that children who have positive adult role models in their lives are more likely to improve in school and in their relationships with family and friends. They are also less likely to skip school, use illegal drugs or alcohol. Students who are successful in school are less likely to drop out, abuse drugs or commit crimes. A recent study found adult former Little Brothers and Little Sisters were more likely to have a four-year college degree and stronger relationships with their spouses, children and friends that their peers with similar backgrounds. This suggests that we have the potential to break cycles too often associated with family and community poverty while facilitating increased social and economic justice, creating stronger families and stronger communities.